Getting Over the Nothing-to-Wear Blues

Yes, you read that correctly…it’s been a year since I started my blog and I’ve literally done nothing with it since.  Three reasons for this.  The first two are more excuses than legitimate reasons.  The first “reason” is TIME.  Between my family and my job and my sewing projects, I found it difficult to find any time to work on my blog.  But, again, just an excuse, all I needed to do is switch off the TV and get off the couch.  Second, FEAR, the fear of not knowing how to blog and the fear of not having anything very interesting to say.  The third is because I’m a closet Type-A, I wanted to do all my research and have all my ducks in a row before I jumped into this new blogging adventure.

But I turned <insert age here> this year and I realized that I need to get over what simply amounted to my own insecurities, take the plunge, and ask questions later.  I’m inherently a risk-taker so I don’t know at what point in my life I went from taking risks to being overly cautious!  So here I am and it’s pretty exciting.

In my “research” I’ve stumbled upon so many blogs, tutorials, pins, and posts on upcycles and remakes that I couldn’t help but to center my first series of posts on my wardrobe redo. I’ve jumped a couple of sizes in the past two years and now I’m stuck with a closet full of clothes and never anything to wear.  The thought of getting rid of perfectly good clothes only for them to end up in a wasteland somewhere is pretty sickening.  And sure, I could easily donate my clothes but why feed the consumption cycle more when I’m perfectly capable of remaking most of what I have.  Besides, like most of America (99% ofAmerica to be exact), I can’t afford to purchase an entirely new wardrobe.  I’m so infatuated with all the remake/upcycle blogs I’ve come across, (miss this blog), and especially  Now…a new dress a day is quite ambitious for me and, as much as I love a challenge, I’m also a realist and I know that this blog would come caving in over my head if I were to take on the challenge of upcycling a new piece everyday.  So, in hopes that this public declaration will keep me honest, my goal is to upcycle one piece a week.  For the most part I’m going to attempt many of the tutorials and posts I’ve found (why reinvent the wheel) but on the occasion that I come up with something original and fun, I’ll share it with you (excited to give back).

My first project is this….

I bought this blouse from a friend’s pop-up boutique several years ago and wore it only once.  To be honest, I don’t know why I bought it, empier waist never looked good on me and as much as I try to force it, it never will!  But I love the cut out detail on this piece and wanted to remake it into something that I was happy with and would actually wear.  I stumbled upon this little diddy (Strapless Mini Dress by T-Bags) on Piperlime and loved the simplicity so why not?!?!


At first I thought an elastic at the top would do the trick but after trying it on…ok, more like forcing it on (I still have fabric burn under my arms), I finally decided to beat the lazies (I’m probably the laziest sewer, sewist? you’ll ever meet) and just add a zipper.  The layers of fabric at the top added so much bulk so while I had my seam ripper in hand, I figured that I might as well re-do the top seam and just add a bias binding to reduce the bulk.


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