Not so Culottes

OK, so the title of this post is really corny, I know, but so was the half pant-half skirt garment sitting in my closet…


According to Wikipedia, this lovely “hangs like a skirt, but is actually pants” culotes style was born in the nineteenth century (so women could wear pants for horseback riding while still having the appearance of wearing a skirt) and, in the world of womens’ fashion, has experienced multiple revivials since. Modern versions are still quite stunning, I’m sure, but the lovely piece I owned was neither a good fit nor was it flattering on my short legs in any way. I’m sure by now you’ve noticed the unsightly camel-toe (you were already thinking it so I had to say it). And observe how the low waistline is slightly strangling me at the hips, creating a muffin top that doesn’t serve me well at all. Again, another impulse purchase to which I’m sure I was drawn more to the sales price rather than the style. This piece went into and was pulled out of “the Goodwill pile” several times. I think it’s obvious why it went into the pile, but there are two reasons it kept finding its way back into my closet. First, I like the color – it’s a muted hue of blue that’s quite appealing and neutral enough to go with several blouses. The second is the fabric. It’s great for the office and I love that it’s a heavy woven cotton that’s classic and holds structure quite well.

Mission: turn this skirt? pants? skants? into something that I could throw into the wardorbe rotation.

The result: a high-waisted narrow A-line skirt:



This remake transformed the skirt giving it a higher waistline while simultaneously raising the hemline saving me the trouble. As remakes go, this one was incredibly easy to do and the bonus is that the end result is a classic and timeless A-line skirt that I’d be happy to wear over and over.


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