Graphic End to Summer

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not much of a colors and prints kind of girl. To me, black will always be the new black. In fact, my mom (the diva of all divas) used to tell me that I’m too young to wear black all the time. However, since my mantra this year has been “step out of the box” I’ve been venturing out into the world of colors, graphics, and prints.

A couple of years ago, my parents took a trip to the Philippines to visit family. My aunt, who I love dearly, sent me several yards of beautiful fabric from the Philippines. The colors and prints were amazing I was almost afraid to cut into the fabric (I wasn’t sure if I should frame it or sew with it). I figured the best way to show off the detail without sacrificing too much of the fabric was with a maxi skirt (and since, clearly, I can’t get enough of them).

So to close out the last days of summer, we decided to take a day trip out to Lake Tahoe. My husband and daughter thought, “Beach? Yes, definitely!”

While I, on the other hand thought, “Backdrop for my blog pics? Yes, definitely!”

So off we went for a 3 hour drive to the lake…Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and (not so) Baby Bear…

We’re not in Kansas anymore, Milette…

Quick stop for gas between here and there. Hmmm, not sure if the Wild West background is quite suitable for the ethnic print but the colors are great so why not…

Trying to rock the fishtail braid (note to self: doesn’t quite work with layered hair).

So here’s my skirt in all its glory with the beautiful mountains in the background. Of course, I soon traded my skirt in for a bathing suit and life vest as soon as my daughter insisted that we go kayaking. Apparently, no one told her that this was a business trip for mom.


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